Bali Tourist’s Latest Favorite Destination Is The Gili Islands

Bali should make way for the adjacent Gili Islands, which are already a popular choice for Royal Prime Travelers. We assist you in selecting the ideal Island.

Every traveler who dreams of a tropical vacation has been talking about Bali for decades. However, due to years of tourism, certain areas of the island have traded in their rustic appeal for upscale hotels, packed nightclubs, and commercial districts.

To satisfy their need for sun and sand, many tourists are increasingly focusing on a neighboring trio of islands in the Indonesian archipelago.

The Gili Islands, just off the coast of neighboring Lombok and a few hours by fast boat from the mainland of Bali, check all the “tropical getaway” boxes: stunning white-sand beaches, an abundance of coconut palm trees, brilliant turquoise waters, and incredible marine life.

While there are little islands called gilis all across Lombok, when people refer to the “Gili Islands,” they are actually talking about Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. These islands are hardly specks. The nicest part is that there is an island for every taste; there are no automobiles or motorcycles there.

Young and seeking a good time? Here is Gili Trawangan for you. Do you desire a romantic, remote location? Gili Meno is the only place to look. What about in the middle? Gili Air ought to succeed well. You do not have to limit your vacation to just one of the Gilis because you may easily switch between them. Give yourself at least two days for each island, or prolong your stay in Bali to make it a genuine vacation (taking into account travel time to and from the Gilis). However, you should add the islands to your vacation itinerary as soon as possible, regardless of how you want to travel there.

Gilit Tranwanan

Gili Trawangan, the biggest and most developed of the three Gilis, has turned into a layover location for the worldwide party crowd. Backpackers and devoted partygoers occupy this island’s countless bars and resorts. The scene is split into two main areas: the most developed is on the east side of the island, where the boat drops you off (imagine a beachfront packed with bars, restaurants, and lodging), while the northern point of the island offers a more quiet atmosphere with relaxed beach shacks and bars.

Since Gili T has gained a reputation as a party island, it has frequently been compared to Ibiza. As a result of this growing notoriety, the island is shedding its reputation as a backpacker destination and luring a younger, wealthier clientele from Asia and Europe.

Stay: Hotel Vila Ombak continues to be among the island’s top resorts. This is the area for you if your budget is higher and your comfort zone is smaller. The hotel, which has a sizable outdoor pool and a beachside restaurant and overlooks Mount Rinjani, is only a short five minutes walk from the dock.

Eat: You may get really good food for a very low price at the daily night market in front of the boat pier. There are pan-Asian cuisine, grilled steak, and freshly caught fish available. Get some delicious nasi camper (mixed rice dish with pork, vegetables, egg, and shrimp) at the stand near the entrance to start off your strolling degustation.

Get merry! Even though there are many entertainment options (and Gili T even has a full-moon party), Sama-Sama Reggae Bar is a surefire place to have fun. The pub, which is situated on the main street next to the makeshift harbor, features excellent live music, frequently performed by well-known Indonesian bands.

In Gili Meno

A leisurely snorkeling expedition and an afternoon spent lounging in a beach hammock are about as strenuous as it gets on Gili Meno, which is arguably the calmest and most tranquil of the three islands. When one of the only activities available is to lounge in a beach hammock doing nothing, the atmosphere is laid-back, even horizontal. Despite the abundance of places for snoozing, the island offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, with the greatest beaches being around the north shore and the southern end of the west coast.

Stay: The Adeng-Adeng Bungalows, which are aptly translated as “slow-slow,” are a family-run resort that personifies the serenity for which the island is renowned. Private bungalows are divided by meandering footpaths through banana trees and spotless fish ponds, and they are set back a few hundred yards from the beach in planted tropical gardens.

Eat: Compared to the other Gilis, Gili Meno has less dining alternatives due to its recent commercialization, especially when it comes to restaurants other than beach shacks. The Maharaja boutique hotel’s restaurant is the fanciest restaurant on the island in addition to having exquisite accommodations, and like all good things, it is expensive.

Do: It is likely that the turtles you have been snorkeling with were once Gili Meno Turtle Sanctuary inhabitants opens in new window. Here, a small group of people try to safeguard the sea turtles, which only have a few hundred eggs to lay each year. Although there isn’t a set admittance cost, donations help to keep the pools maintained and provide food for the turtles.

Inland Air

Gili Air is a happy blend of the two, being somewhat less developed than Gili Taranga and more so than Gili Meno. There isn’t really a party atmosphere, but during the summer you can run into a makeshift rave on the beach. If you’re not a night owl, choose accommodation elsewhere because the majority of the dining and nightlife options are on the east coast and close to the beach.

A 90-minute walk around the island is possible, but for added novelty (or to get you and your belongings from the boat drop off point), take a condom ride. One of the only modes of transportation on the island are these pony or horse carts.

Enjoy a daily Tibetan singing bowl session by candlelight at the island’s local yoga and meditation center, H20 Yoga and Meditation Center opens in new window, in the evening. Bliss.

Stay: The Sunrise Resort is an excellent choice for travelers as it is only a short stroll from the island’s greatest snorkeling beach and a few minutes’ walk from the major harbor. Villas with local architectural flair either look out onto a picture-perfect coconut grove or a pristine, white coral sand beach. Although the beach is right outside their door, the hotel also boasts a fantastic natural stone pool if you’d prefer to swim in freshwater.

Eat: The Chill Out Bar and Restaurant may be found by following the mouthwatering aroma of freshly caught seafood that has been roasted over charcoal. Raised platforms for dining are located right on the sand and offer picturesque views of Mount Rinjani and the neighboring islands of Lombok and Lombok.

Do: For great diving, head directly to the coral reef on the island’s eastern side. The marine life includes manta rays, moray eels, parrot fish, and the more secretive black and white tip reef sharks and gigantic green turtles, which are nevertheless stunning despite being frequently spotted. Gili Air Divers offers year-round scuba diving at all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

When to Go

Due to the tropical atmosphere of the Gili Islands, you can anticipate pleasant weather all year round. June through August are considered the peak months. The bars’ music is turned down at around midnight during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. The finest months for scuba diving are from May to September, though you can dive all year round.

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